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The Synthesis -


Jan 28, 2002 by Ryan Mungia (Live Show Review)
"Any qualms I may have had quickly disappeared when the four guys from Magic Theater started playing."
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Nov 12, 2001 by Andy Harvey (Live Show Review)
"simply beautiful..."
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June 4, 2001 by Maurice Spencer Teilmann
"Their role in the reincarnation of the rock 'n' roll will be forthcoming"
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June 19, 2000 by Brett Lueder
"Grooving, driving rhythms. Loaded with talent and built to grind, Magic Theater will be welcomed with open arms..."
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Chico News & Review -


August 9, 2001 by Brett Lueder
"Magic Theatre seeks to revitalize rock 'n' roll by rediscovering its soul... "
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June 16, 2000 by Jeremy Votava
Grape Nuts are GOOD!
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The Buzz -


Feb 4, 2002 by Brett Lueder
"laden with positive lyrics and supported by grooving, vintage rock sounds..."
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