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"'Were kinda like the Nirvana of hippie bands,' jokes Jason Tate, former bassist of Potluck and now the same for Chico band Magic Theater. 'It's kind of a real basic thing that's been elaborated upon.'

Thats one way to describe this new progressive jam band. Taking their name from the legendary Herman Hesse novel, Steppenwolf, Magic Theater (bassist Tate, Dave Deveaux on keyboards, Damir Popovac on drums and Joe Chaimberlin on guitar and vocals) brings that old school jamming sound on origional numbers like "Right Train," "Where They Go" and an edgy, rockin version of the early '80's classic "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves - no doubt in honor opf the king of surf rock, Dick Dale.

"We've got a couple of dozen songs," continues Tate, "And things are just starting to come together. You'll see us again soon."

Deveaux's starry fingerings and Chaimberlin's saucy fretwork are perfect matches for Tate's and Popovac's grooving, driving rhythms. Loaded with talent and built to grind, Magic Theater will be welcomed with open arms in our fair scene.


By Brett Lueder
The Synthesis
June 19, 2000


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