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MT Links
Our Scene
the synthesis - Local and International Music Scene

Chico News & Review - Chico Entertainment Weekly

Magic Music

some of our friends and those who inspire & share the love...

King Harvest - Rock N Roll from San Francisco
Righteous Babe - Ani Difranco and More
Marton Sexton - "If God had a voice..."
Strangefolk - Thanks for letting us open! Great music...
Galactic - New Orleans Grooove
Electric Circus - Chico's own Country Disco Sensation
Karl Denson's Tiny Universe - Cant get enough of that funky stuff
Jahmani Productions - Fine Roots Reggae Music. - a resource for creative music - not that we think we're a jam band!
Feed Your Head
Ok this has no particular order - just cool sites. Send ideas to the webmaster.
Mark Henson - Jason's favorite artist. Must be good!
The Great Illusion - Surreal Art - feed your head! All lies, of course... - nice network, subculture slant.
Llama Links - do llamas say "baah?"
Urban Legends - watch the bullshit.

MTs Link page is just getting off the ground,
please email link suggestions to the webmaster.
last updated 12-11-01