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modern rock - remembering an era when rock n’ roll held the promise of peace, freedom, and an expansion of our conscious awareness...

“Grooving, driving rhythms. Loaded with talent and built to grind...”

“Their role in the reincarnation of the rock 'n' roll will be forthcoming.”

- the synthesis


-Chico News & Review

Magic Theater is a musical group based out of Chico, CA, whose origins date to the fall of 1999. Playing mostly original material, including songs from their upcoming album, a wide variety of influences are present-- From Rock and Blues to Funk and Latin Jazz. Magic Theater have opened for surf guitarist Dick Dale, and played a number of clubs, festivals, and benefits. They are determined that each performance be better than the last, and have a commitment to promoting the group in an environmentally responsible way. The musicians come from a wide variety of backgrounds - from many schools of rock, folk, soul, funk, jazz, latin, and world traditions - all for the purpose of producing passionate music in the rock and roll tradition. Magic Theater has been increasing their trend recently to feature outstanding guest artists, but the core group is presently:


Joe Chaimberlin / Vocals, guitars
David Deveaux / Vocals, keyboards
Jason Tate / Bass guitar

Damir Popovac / Drums and Percussion


For booking or more information contact MT (530) 332-9492


Magic Theater has been playing in fine events for over 2 years, including... Moxie’s Café CHICO, CA Lasalle’s CHICO, CA Stormy’s Off Broadway CHICO, CA The Epicenter CHICO, CA The Brick Works CHICO, CA Spring Fling 2000 and 2001 CHICO, CA Give Peace a Dance 2001 CHICO, CA Mr. Lucky CHICO, CA 4:20 Festival Scooter’s Concow,CA Butte College Rattlesnake Days- Oroville, CA HUMP Concert Series 2000 and 2001 -Downtown Park Plaza CHICO, CA